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As a child I had many interest growing up, most of which were in the outdoors.  I was heavily involved in scouting growing up and in 1988 I became an Eagle Scout.  So I really did not spend any more time in school then I had to, but something that stuck out for my when I was in school (other then science and history which I could pass without cracking the book) were two elective classes I had taken.  One was acting class and the other was film/television production.  I had discovered that television was the perfect medium for me to explore all of my interests.  I have developed most of my interests after I was out of high school.  When I had gotten out into the work force is when my big interesting railroads both in real scale and in modeling had really kicked into gear.  I had gotten my first SLR camera in 1991 and my first video camera 1995.  I have been shooting ever since.  I had gotten into non-liner editing on my computer in 1998, it was new and more affordable way to go then the old school tape-to-tape liner system.

 Sports are one of those things my father and brother had gotten me interested in.  As a kid I remember going to Oís games with them at Memorial Stadium.  I really did not develop a big interest in sports until my brother (who at the time was a season ticket holder for Penn State Football) took me to a game.  I was hooked ever since, Football and Baseball, about as American of a game as you can get.

 In 1988 I had gotten a coop job at a lumber company and that is where I meet Mark Fix.  He is a bow hunter who had an interest in making hunting videos.  Wildlife videography is probably the most difficult thing to shoot, particularly when you have two people in the same area or tree.  I was interested in getting a television show going but I was missing something, sales and marketing. In 2003 I studied Television Production at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland.  I realized to get a bigger market television was out compared to the Internet.  It is a much more tangible was to get started while developing views.

 I had an internship with Adelphia (Comcast) channel 10, I ran the audio board at the Frederick Key games.  By running the audio board, it gave me an opportunity to develop my skills at picking out key sounds at the game.  At one game, I trouble shot a coax line from a camera to the truck.  They stared calling me MacGyver, which seemed to be a theme of my life.  I am a problem solver and find ways to get things done.

 I have been part of the press box Crew for the York Revolution for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The duties involved Camera operator, Instant Replay and Revís TV the online broadcast.

With Hanover Multi Media, I set-up and maintain 80 kiosks for the Standard bred horse sales since 2006.  During the horse sales, I captured footage and installed media on the kiosks.

As an avid Model Railroader, I have experienced many forms of engineering.  The engineering aspects would be in Design (concept and layout), Electrical (wiring both DC Voltage and DCC), Civil (Landscaping, Geology and track) and Structural (bench work and scratch building Architecture) Engineering.  I have gotten into scratch building rolling stock and buildings.  I like to building things that most people do not.

I am the advertising chairman for the Miniature Railroad Club of York.  I take care of publicizing their open house for the Christmas season.

I have been on the Jefferson Carnival Advertising Committee since 2009.  I have sold and designed ads for the booklet we print to advertise the carnival.

 I am very interested in teach about opportunities you my have and how I might be of benefit to you.

Visit me on Youtube   http://www.youtube.com/user/irailer/videos?view=0